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The Crafty Chiq website is a testament of my journey as a mom, a wife, a DIYer, a writer, a booklover, a frustrated poet, a frustrated cook, and more. Basically, it’s a journal of my journey in life.

Crafts and DIYs

Together let’s explore the world of crafts and DIYs. Let’s make mistakes, learn, and have fun. Read on about my Craft and DIY Projects. 


Read with me as I try to reach my yearly goal of number of books to be read. Read my short reviews of books I’ve read, and books I’m currently reading. 

Home Cooking

Not a professional cook, I must admit. But every now and then I discover something that my husband and kids like. Probably worth sharing too. 

Ideas? Suggestions?

Do you have a project in mind that you’d like me to work on? A book you’d like me to review? Or a recipe you’d like me to try? Please let me know. Click the button below and send those ideas my way!

Why You Need To Try Crafting?

There are many reasons why you need to try crafting. For me, crafting has always been a passion. Something I like doing. What’s funny is that, I don’t really have that innate creativity. When I was younger, I’d usually end up frustrated with my work. Lol. Thank God we now have Pinterest and the internet. Unlike before, we can now find crafting inspiration in just one click. That’s one reason why you should try crafting – because life has given you the opportunity to do so.

Crafting is also very therapeutic. It’s basically like taking a break without being idle. I know, I know. That doesn’t really sound so appealing. But trust me, crafting is a great stress-reliever.

Also, aside from being able to express yourself, crafting helps you build relationships. Personalized gifts say so much more than the store-bought ones, not to mention they’re also a lot cheaper.

If you’re an advocate for green living, crafting is also good for you as it is a great way to recycle. Old shoe boxes and empty bottles can become something more with just a little imagination.

That said, crafting is easy, affordable, relaxing and so much more. So why don’t you try crafting now? Browse through my posts and find something simple you can do during your free time!